Even in 2013 the violence on Chicago’s streets was in the news. Now, in 2016, record numbers of shootings and killings are crippling the city. The increasing numbers came after the Obama administration sicced the Department of Justice on America’s police departments.

I made this to illustrate the rapid march towards Socialism in America. Former British Prime Minister was once quoted as saying that Socialism was okay “until you run out of other people’s money”. When you keep adding social programs eventually the economy cannot support the give-aways. Case in point – Venezuela, Greece, France, England.

This cartoon illustrated how Barack Obama had said he learned of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server when he heard it in the news – even though he had sent her mail to her server address long before it came out in the media.

After gaining a majority in the House of Representatives through the 2012 Midterm Elections, Republicans rolled over and gave Barack Obama just about everything he wanted in the budget and the Stimulus Bill. The Stimulus Bill was supposed to be to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure. Instead the money went to Obama’s big donors in Green Industry and the Unions – which in turn put their Union funds right into the Democrat coffers.