This was my reaction after Barack Obama tried to tell Israel where their capital was. Israel named Jerusalem as their capital but in deference to Muslims Obama insisted the U.S. Embassy would be located in Tel Aviv. The abstension from the U.N. vote sanctioning Israel’s settlements in the West Bank is testament to Obama’s total dislike for Jews.

This simple drawing exemplified how the skyrocketing National Debt in the Obama administration was a financial burdern to be borne by our children and grandchildren – but the same guy that said in 2008 that the nine trillion in National Debt was “unpatriotic”. That debt now hovers near twenty trillion.

Thousands and thousands of people have been allowed in through our southern border during the Obama presidency. It is my firm belief, had Hillary Clinton won the Election there would have been amnesty, followed by legalization, followed by being granted the vote. From there on America would be a one party nation.