Bosnian War – The Iraq Wars – Afghanistan     Supplemental Information For This Era

1975 thru Present

1975 Margaret chosen as Conservative leader
1976 Concorde flies for first time
1977 Palestinians hijack German airliner
1978 Jim Jones followers commit mass suicide
1979 Ayatolla Khomeini returns to Iran
1980 Start of Iran-Iraq War
1981 Iran releases American hostages after 444 days
1982 Italy wins World Cup in Spain
1983 Sally Ride is first American woman in space
1984 Suicide bomber hits US embassy in Lebanon capital
1985 Boris Becker youngest Wimbledon champ
1986 Explosion at Chernobyl nuclear plant
1987 Fox Broadcasting makes prime-time premier
1988 Benazir Bhutto elected woman leader of Pakistan
1989 Soviet troops pull out of Afghanistan
1990 East, West Germany reunite
1991 Lech Walesa elected president of Poland
1992 Disney park opens in Europe
1993 Feds raid Branch Davidian compound in Waco
1994 3.3 million year old skull found in Ethiopia
1995 Sarin gas attack on Tokyo subway
1996 Tragedy at Dunblane, Scotland
1997 China resumes control of Hong Kong from British
1998 Hurricane Mitch strikes central America
1999 Barbie Doll celebrates 40th birthday